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    Whether online or off Jerry Rice Hat , if you plan on running or maintaining any type of credibility within your business, there are some guidelines that are safe to say any existing or potential customer expects if they are to do immediate or future business with you.

    As an online entrepreneur for over 3 years I have found that even though I don't have the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with my customers, ones perception of you and your business can be viewed as good or bad all depending on the way you handle questions or comments posted by people interested in your product.

    Here is a list of 5 MUST DO'S that any one customer will come to expect if they are to do business with you.

    (1) Be Prompt ? although it may be an exhausting task to keep up with all the general inquiries or questions about any one product that your visitors have, be sure to respond as soon as possible because the more time it takes for your reply Joe Montana Hat , the more likely a prospect will go elsewhere to do business.

    A great way to resolve many questions without having to physically type a letter each and every time is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for a potential prospect to view for quick reference.

    Sometimes a potential customer may ask questions just to make sure there is a live person ready to assist if there is a need to do so.

    (2) Be Polite ? for the online business people, even though your not looking at the person who is requesting information, it is wise to act as if they are standing right in front of you.

    The way you word your messages can impact the way you make people feel.

    If someone was to send a letter stating that they really didn't like the product they purchased and would like a refund (and sometimes you can tell if they are upset), be sure to promptly honor that refund and just say your sorry that they were unhappy with the purchase.

    Being polite can lead to no hard feelings and even produce more sales from this person in the future because they are happy with the way you handled their problem.

    If sending a letter Reuben Foster Hat , it is good practice to start it with a "Hello" or "Greetings" followed by the customers name and end every letter with a "Thank You", "Sincerely", "Warm Wishes", or "Best Regards" followed by your name.

    (3) Be Helpful ? the reason why you are being contacted by an actual or potential customer is because they probably desire something and you'll need to provide a solution for their problem.

    After answering a customer question Jaquiski Tartt Hat , it never hurts to ask them if there is anything else you can assist them with.

    By doing this it shows you are there for them and that you really want them to be happy with the services you provide.

    (4) Be Sincere ? when answering question people may have about your products or if your just sending a "thank you" letter, make it sound as if you really mean it (and you should).

    This will give people a sense of connection with you and will be less nervous to do business with you.

    (5) Be Honest ? of all the golden rules presented to you within this article, this by far may be the most determining factor whether or not your business thrives or suffers a grueling demise.

    By being honest about the product or service you offer and what they can expect from such a service, you'll show people you're a straightforward businessperson and someone who really does care about helping others.

    This will lead your customers not only to feel comfortable dealing with you now Arik Armstead Hat , but most likely in the future also.

    The Bottom Line Is...... The way you treat your customers can be more satisfying to them than the actual item your selling.

    And remember, with all the competition and choices available these days, you now have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

    Dan Preston has been in the ebook business for over 3 years and has enjoyed every moment of it. His website "The Online Book Store" offers a variety of ebooks big enough to answer almost anyone's how-to questions.
    Your Unique Web Proposition Marketing Articles | October 10, 2002
    Your Unique Web Proposition (UWP)? 2002 by Scott T. Smith DeForest Buckner Hat , Copywriting.NetIntroductionEvery week, tens of thousands of new people and organizations are jumping onto the Internet bandwagon. How can you...

    Your Unique Web Proposition (UWP)

    ? 2002 by Scott T. Smith, Copywriting.Net


    Every week, tens of thousands of new people and organizations are jumping onto the Internet bandwagon. How can you ensure that you will be found Ahkello Witherspoon Hat , and better yet, stand out as unique among this rapidly swelling crowd?

    The key is to clearly define your Unique Web Proposition (UWP). Your UWP defines your place in the Internet marketplace, making you separate ? and better ? than everyone else.

    Three Basic Questions

    Here are the three basic questions you must ask to separate yourself from the competition:

    1. What are you selling?

    2. What is unique about what you sell ? or how you sell it? What do you offer that your competition doesn't?

    3. How can you describe the answers to the above questions in one tight, persuasive line?

    If your UWP feels narrow and restrictive Solomon Thomas Hat , that's good- you have defined your market niche.

    Finding Your Niche

    Niche marketing is an essential element of your Internet success. Clearly define who you are, and right away you know which newsgroups to search for, where to post your classified ads, and how best to gather your leads. Nobody can ever market to everyone Fred Warner Hat , everywhere. Being a jack-of-all-trades means you become a master of none, and mastery of your market niche is what you should strive for.


    The UWP Survival Questionnaire

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